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Pico Humboldt

The Humboldt Peak, located in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Mérida, it is the second highest peak in Venezuela, with 4940 meters above sea level. It is one of the few peaks in the country, which has a snowy glacial top year round.

The ascent to this peak starts at the Parque La Mucuy in Mérida. Here we walk through a path where the vegetation is wet, and as we start hiking and reaching higher elevation the terrain will change.

This is a tour for people trained in hiking in low temperatures, since it requires considerable training. It provides some technical difficulty, such as walking between moraines or glacier-derived boulders, and climbing with crampons and ice ax on the glacier.


Mérida, Mérida State


5 days 4 nights

On the move

For this tour you must travel to the city of Merida; It is advisable to arrive a day or two before, this will help your body adjust to the altitude of the city. We will indicate information about which days you should make your way to the city of Merida, in accordance with your tour date.

Tour Duration

For this excursion a minimum of 7 days you need. The tour Pico Humboldt is 5 days / 4 nights, but should take into account the transfer from your city to Merida (return).


  • Experienced guide certificate
  • All meals and drinks
  • Portable bathroom
  • Camping equipment (tents 3 seasons, sleeping bag and thermal insulation)
  • Technical equipment for climbing. (Crampons, ice axes, helmets, ropes)
  • 4x4 private transfer to La Mucuy
  • Porters for food
  • First aid kit
  • Radio communication between guides and porters
  • Kitchen and cooking utensils


  • Transfer to Merida
  • Accommodation in Merida
  • National Park entrance
  • Tipping
  • Personal porter
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Personal articles
  • Breakfast first day


First day

(Approx. 40 minutes by car, and 5 to 6 hours walking).

We are in the city of Merida (8:00 am), where all the necessary equipment for the tour will be waiting with our guide. We must ensure that everyone is prepared and properly equipped.

After registering with the national park rangers (Inparques), our guide will lead the group through an area of dense vegetation, huge ferns, tall trees and abundant life. If you are lucky you may see parrots, butterflies and giant snails, as it rises through the jungle trail.

Along the way are several springs and small waterfalls, which serve as point of hydration for water. It is important to drink enough water every chance you get to avoid dehydration and the effects of altitude sickness.

At 3,300 meters we leave the jungle and arrive at the Laguna Coromoto, and if we still have strengh, we will be conducted a tour of the lagoon.

We camp and spend the night.

Height: 3230 m

Second day

(5 hours walk)

Today the road is steeper and rockier than the previous day. The scenario is much more open as it continues to rise by the canyon. In a couple of places you will have to climb a little easy sections of rock using your hands for balance. Your backpack is lighter today. A narrow passage with a sloping ravine to the left leads to the Laguna Verde (3,900 m), where we will camp for the night. After a break, it's time to prepare the team for the next day climbing to the summit of Pico Humboldt.At this point you can expect a cold night.

Height: 3800 m

Third Day

(6 to 8 hours of walking and climbing)

Leaving all unnecessary items at base camp, we walked an hour to the Laguna El Suero (4,200 m). Climbing the steep valley where the glacier once lay, we may may bind to form a roped for safety, which depends on weather conditions and experience. Soon we reach the edge of the glacier and pause only to put on our crampons. Now is the time to wear our protective eyewear to prevent possible blindness by the sun and its reflection on the snow. It's a rough hike with climbs that require the use of an ice ax for support until the flat section is reached. It is a slow (due to altitude), but easy to reach the base of the peak. A short stretch of 45 ° tilt up and there it is, the top of Pico Humboldt. We take a moment to enjoy the view and take some pictures, we start our way back to our camp.

Overnight at the same camp (Laguna Verde).

Height: 4857 m

Fourth day

(Walk 5 hours)

Play our descent down the moraine to Laguna Coromoto where we camp on the edge of the lagoon. We will have the afternoon to enjoy this magnificent rainforest.

Height: 3230 m

Fifth day

(Hiking 5-6 hours)

Today we continue our descent to La Mucuy, where we take the car to take us to Mérida or the Watcher. We will use the time to enjoy each landscape at a leisurely return full of satisfaction and joy.

Height: 2160 m

What should I bring?

Comfortable backpack with adjustable waist, capacity between 60 to 80 liters. (Approx.)

Headlamp and extra batteries

Waterproof jacket (windproof)

Gloves and ski mask (balaclava)


Sunglasses (UV protected)

Trekking poles (optional)


Cocoa butter



Travel or sports towel (small)

Small flask of 1 to 1.5 liters. or Camelback

Good or waterproof poncho, other than disposable or pocket.Preferably Gore Tex

Sweater for the cold (fleece / fleece) or feather jacket, considering that the minimum temperature can reach -10

Hiking shoes preferably used before, and which are well adapted to your feet

Underwear.Preferably other than cotton (1 for sleeping and 2 parts; for gentlemen preferably boxer)

Long and comfortable pants.Walking clothes should not be cotton, preferably lycra

Cotton T-shirts (1 for sleep walking 1, 1 spare)

Shorts or lycra


Hat or cap

PERSONAL MEDICATION cream or ointment to prevent irritation and blistering. The soaps and shampoo grooming should be biodegradable