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Canaima National Park is located in the south-west region of the country, south of the Orinoco River, in the municipality Gran Sabana of Bolivar State, being declared a national park on June 12, 1962. It extends over 30,000 square kilometers to the border with Guyana and Brazil, and its size is considered the world's sixth largest national park.

About 65% of the park is occupied by rock plateaus called tepuis. These constitute a unique biological environment, it is of great geological interest due to its uniqueness. Its steep cliffs and waterfalls (including Angel Falls, which is the highest water fall of the world, 1,002 m), form spectacular a spectacular and unforgettable scenery. The park has 3 million hectares thus occupying the second largest protected area extension in Venezuela and the seventh in size in the world.

In 1994, the Canaima National Park, was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a nature reserve that boasts special steep slopes, the tepuis, which are a type of plateau millions of years old, with nearly vertical walls and flat tops; it is believed that they are sandstones and date back to the period when America and Africa formed a supercontinent. This type of relief is commonly called Guayana Shield.

The most famous tepuis are Mount Roraima, the tallest and easiest to climb around the park, and the Auyan-tepui, the most visited, because this one houses the higher water fall of the world, Angel Falls (979 msm). The park is divided into two parts: East and West. In the western part, called Canaima Lagoon; some of the natural attractions of this privileged spot on earth, is the highest waterfall in the world, the amazing Angel Falls, and also Canaima Lagoon, where a spectacular setting with beautiful waterfalls and white sand surrounding the lagoon is displayed. Canaima National Park is home of the Pemon people. These have a special relationship with the tepuis, and believe that they are the home of spirits "Mawari". The park is in a remote location, quite distant from civilization. It has few roads that connect to other nearby cities such as Ciudad Guayana.


Canaima, Edo. Bolívar


3D / 2N


  • Roundtrip airfare (Departures from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima)
  • Canaima airport transfer to the camp
  • Transfer river-route Canaima - Angel Falls
  • Angel Falls excursion and Well of Happiness
  • Excursion around the lagoon and "Ucaima" - "Swallow" - "Wadaima" - "Axe" and "Frog" falls (depending on weather conditions)
  • Experienced guide (bilingual)
  • All meals and non- alcoholic drinks - Water at all times
  • Accommodation in beds (campsite at Canaima Lagoon) and Hammocks (campsite at Mouse Island)
  • First aid kit


  • Breakfast (on the first day / arrival day)
  • Entrance to Canaima National Park (750 Bs Foreigners / 300 Bs Venezuelans)
  • Airport tax
  • Personal items (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion)
  • Overflight to Angel Falls
  • Alcohol
  • Tipping
  • Insurance of any kind

The flight to Canaima leave early in the morning, so it is recommended to be a day earlier in the city of departure (Puerto Ordaz); on the day of the trip it is recommended to be at the airport two hours before your flight (ideally 7:30 am); please, take precautions to avoid missing your flights. (The airlines apply the No Show Policy).

There are two options for this trip Standard Plan / Superior Plan.

To enjoy this wonderful adventure, we offer two different camps:

» Standard Option:
A rustic campsite; very simple and cheaper, yet with all the amenities; This campsite is located 5 minutes walking distance from the Canaima Lagoon.

» Superior Option:
It's a more comfortable and expensive campsite; It has a private garden overlooking the lagoon of Canaima and it is located right on the banks of the lagoon.
The same itinieraries are conducted in both camps, the only difference would be the luxury of the accomodations.


First day

Departure by plane to the community of Canaima (about 45 minutes).

After landing at the airport in Canaima, we check in the Inparque’s booth, and proceed to register with the national park and pay their respective fees. A member of the campsite will then receive us and we will obtain our room assignments.

After checking-in in our campsite, we have some time to look at the lagoon and explore our surroundings. We return to campsite for lunch and a brief rest. Later, we start our walk along the Laguna de Canaima, visit the Ucaima, Golondrina, Wadaima, Axe and finally to the Anatoly Island, where the "Sapo Fall" is located and a short walk takes place. You can shower in the waterfall.

Then you will visit the “Hacha Fall”. When back to Canaima you will have free time. After a dip, we returned to campsite, have dinner and overnight in the rooms. If desired, the Canaima Lagoon has a Bar - Restaurant in the forest, located on the banks of the lagoon. In this bar you can go dancing at night, or take a delicious cocktail.

Second Day

After a nice breakfast, we moved into a rustic vehicle that will take us to Puerto Ucaima, where we take our boat (canoe called curiara), to navigate the Carrao river; we will stop in the "Well of Happiness" in our way to Auyantepui, where we will eat our lunch. If you want you can take a dip; we boarded the boat again until the Mayupa’s flood rapids, and we will disembark the boat for a walk of about 40 minutes. After the short walk we take boat again, this time by the Churum river, approaching our destination, Raton Island.

After two hours of navigating on rivers and seeing the different tepuis in the area, we finally arrive at Mouse Island; we settled quickly into our hammocks and head across the river to begin our trek through the jungle to reach the viewpoint of Laime (40 minutes
approx). After taking all possible photos with the majestic Angel Falls, we will descend 5 minutes to bathe in the waters of the Salto Angel (if conditions allow).

We take some more picture and we make the trek back to the campsite on Isla Raton. We have free time to watch the sunset and take some photos, and then have dinner and rest; overnight in hammocks. Mouse Island campsite has bathrooms and showers.

Third Day

We wake up very early to watch the sunrise, eat a good breakfast and take our boat back to Canaima Lagoon; we will check-out the campsite, and head to the airport and fly back to our final destination (Puerto Ordaz Airport). End of our services. The order in the scheduled activities can vary depending on weather conditions or other factors.

Additional / Optional services:

• Booking inn / posada in Puerto Ordaz to overnight in a comfortable private room

• Overflight to Angel Falls

• Kavak caves tour (additional day)

Sometimes the order of the tour change without notice; without altering the above 
described program. Example: first night at Angel Falls and the second night at base camp in Canaima.

What should I bring?

• Identity card or Passport (if you are a foreigner)

• Cash for purchases (not debit or credit card payment availability in most cases)

• Insect repellent (enough)

• Sunscreen

• Swimwear


Hat / Cap


Personal medication (if this is the case)



Personal hygiene items

If you want to take with you rechargeable batteries and / or chargers for your cell phone / camera, there is an electric plant available for certain periods of time during your stay in campsite at Mouse Island.

It is suggested that toiletries are biodegradable: bath soap, shampoo, etc.

Items such as knives, scissors, liquor, aerosols or inflammable products, are not 
allowed on planes flying to Canaima.

PERSONAL MEDICATION: If you suffer from an illness, you should bring your 
personal medications and notify the guide of the situation. (Example: You should take one tablet every 8 hours)


  • Auyantepui in the Pemon language means "mountain of the devil"; It is the most famous and visited tepui in Venezuela.

  • The Auyantepui achieved international fame in 1935 when the Angel Falls was accidentally glimpsed by Jimmy Angel, who was a pilot that did an emergency landing on top of this tepui.

  • Angel Falls (Kerepakupai vená), in Pemon means "jump deeper place".

  • Angel Falls is the highest jump of water in the world, with a height of 979 mts (807 mts of uninterrupted fall).

  • It was declared a national park on June 12, 1962 and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994.

  • In the XXI century, it was one of 28 finalists in the election of the seven natural wonders of the world.

  • The name that is internationally known, Angel, was suggested by a Venezuelan, in honor of the aviator Jimmy Angel, who in 1937 formally confirmed the existence and exact location of the crash with his plane when he flew over the tepui.

  • This jump was the inspiration (besides Auyantepuy, Tepuyes and other sites and Canaima National Park), for the fictional jungle in the animated film called “Up” (in Spanish, Up: An adventure in height), launched in 2009 by Disney Pixar studies; this film won two Oscars.

  • Also much of the landscapes of the fictional moon “Pandora”, in the science fiction film launched in 2009 called “Avatar” by James Cameron (awarded several Oscars), were inspired by the Angel Falls, Auyantepui and landscapes seeing at Canaima National Park.