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Cait Nolan and Joe Fox - United States

Fecha de Publicación: 06.08.2015

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During our three living years in Venezuela we traveled extensively with Ayapaina Tours. Venezuela is an amazing ecologically diverse country with some of the most enchanting geography, floral, and fauna we have ever experienced. Every tour with Ayapaina was a wonderful success. We were always impressed with the sincere and respectful relationships William has formed with the different communities he works with around the entire country including his company’s namesake, the yukpa village, Ayapaina, in the Perijá mountains. Tours were always well planned and well supplied, even our dietary needs as vegetarian were met without question. Venezuela is not any easy place to travel on your own as a foreigner but Ayapaina does a phenomenal job at making is safe, easy and really just unforgettable. 

So much love


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