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Saiko Yasunaga - Japan

Fecha de Publicación: 06.08.2015

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It’s hard to describe how much I’m glad to have found and chosen Ayapaina Tours.


First of all, many thanks to Loana, who helped me a lot with setting my travel schedule. I consider my situation has been a little complicated, but she tried to think of the best solutions for me and took care of everything in a generous manner.

Then, William has been a reliable guide for us throughout the Roraima tour. I enjoyed his unique character, but more than anything else, I appreciate his attention to see if things are going ok for me. 
I joined the tour alone, so I was a little nervous about this 6 days tour with all strangers. Also, I had never tried camping not even once in my life, so this tour was a quite challenging event for me. However, this Ayapaina Tours made me feel “safe” from the beginning and gave me unforgettable experiences and satisfaction. This experience with Ayapaina Tours surely enriched my life. 



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