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Autana Hill is a tepui that is located in the Venezuelan state of Amazonas near the border with Colombia. It is part of Guayana Shield, there is some confusion as to its height some people say the peak is 1250 meters others say it is 1300 meters.

Composed nearly entirely of horizontal strata of sandstone, the Autana possesses caves and other karst formations, which is rare in rocks that are not limestone. The reason for these formations is that the sandstone was cemented with certain proportions of limestone and wherever greater proportion of the mineral (calcium carbonate) was proved emptied by the dissolution thereof, leaving a network of interconnected caves and a living room of sorts with a very large domed ceiling with a variety of colors due to the presence of a variety of minerals. The vaulted living room has two unequal openings that pierce the hill from side to side and look out as a kind of balconies to the vertical walls of the mountain, which rests 1.5 km above the level of the forest. One of those openings, is so small that is indistinguishable from below,It did not deter Cap. (AC) Jaime "Jimmy" Marull to cross it from side to side in an ultralight aircraft. A risky maneuver that has been repeated on several occasions by other adventurers.

Autana Hill is considered a "Sacred Hill" for Hiwi and Piaroa ethnic groups, its formation and its geology has become an important part of their history and mythology. Referred to as Euwabey or tree of life in Piaroa , Autana Hill is part of their creationist belief.


Puerto Ayaucho, Amazon State


4 days 3 nights


  • Transfer from inn to Samariapo Port
  • Water Transport
  • Tour Cerro Wahary
  • Experienced guide (Bilingual)
  • All meals and drinks - (bottled water at all times)
  • Accommodation in hammocks with mosquito nets.
  • First aid kit
  • All Permits and travel documents
  • Camping equipment


  • Airplane ticket
  • Accommodation in Puerto Ayacucho
  • Alcohol
  • Tips
  • Leopoldo lake tour
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Personal Hygiene and toiletries


First day

We meet at 9:00 am at the hotel where the guests are staying, to take a private transport to port Samariapo (approx 1 hour); we embark on the bongo (Metal boat up to 15 m long) and begin our journey on the Sipapo River, a tributary of dark waters of the Orinoco River.

Arrive midday, we stop for lunch on the banks of the stream of Cauldron, and after the break, we continue sailing towards the Autana River. This is where we stop for the evening at a Piaroa indigenous community where we can share with its inhabitants and get more information directly from them about their culture. After baths and dinner, we can rest for the night in our mosquito proof hammocks.

Second day

We wake up very early to watch the sunrise, and have breakfast to continue our journey on the Autana river. Accompanying us on our tour is an amazing view of the Autana tepui, which will appear, disappear and reappear as we are navigating the long river. We reach the Raudal of laziness,which lies on the banks of where we will be resting. We can spend our time resting in a typical Piaroa Hut, swimming in the rapids, and rafting for the adrenaline junkies.

After sunset we have dinner and rest in our respective mosquito proof hammocks already set up for us in a typical Piaroa Hut.

Third day

In the morning we have breakfast and begin our journey towards the tepui. Once we have lunch we will begin our ascent to the hill Uripika, the viewpoint of Autana Hill. It is a journey of approximately 4 hours into the jungle. If we're lucky we'll see miners toads, tarantulas and other animals. We walk in silence, as it is local belief that making noise will call the clouds and bring bad weather. Back at camp we will be welcomed by a very deserved dinner, along with rest in our hammocks and a refreshing swim.

Fourth day

Breakfast in the morning, and our final opportunity to take photos of the majestic Autana Hill before we begin our journey towards Samariapo Port. We stop to have lunch on the banks of the river Sipapo, and arrived in the afternoon to Puerto Ayacucho. Transfer to the hotel of your choice. End of our services.

What should I bring?

Identity card or passport

Cash for purchases

Insect repellent


Hat / Cap


Rain jacket



Personal medication (if needed)




Personal hygiene items

It is suggested that toiletries be biodegradable: bath soap, shampoo, etc.

The order of the tour may change without notice, without altering the program described above.


  • An ultralight airplane flight was filmed in a movie Venezuelan Expedition series and is explained and photographed in a seminal work on this natural monument entitled Sacred mountain Autana published in 1988.

  • Temperature: 12 ° C to 26 ° C / 53 ° F to 78 ° F

  • Difficulty 1 to 10: 2 (with 1 = easy, 10 = strong)

  • We navigate approximately 118km by Orinoco, Sipapo and Autana rivers