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About Us

Ayapaina Tours C.A. It is a company that promotes ecotourism and adventure tourism in the most stunning destinations in Venezuela such as the Sierra de Perija, Catatumbo, Canaima and Angel Falls, Mount Roraima, Orinoco Delta, Gran Sabana, Los Roques, Los Andes among many other sites.

The company was officially created by William Rivera at the beginning of 2011, who is responsible for promoting the independent sightseeing and excursions in our country, Venezuela. The company has developed field production for documentaries, studying the Venezuelan indigenous architecture, mountain hiking and observation of flora and fauna throughout the country, among others.

In Ayapaina Tours, we are proud to support local and indigenous communities throughout the country, by employing experienced local guides, as well as promoting tourism in Venezuela, where your stay will be in hostels or inns operated by venezuelan personnel, looking always profit and growth for both, you as a tourist travelling in our country, and our local communities.

Venezuela is a country of natural wonders, a vast native biodiversity and unique landscapes. It is located in northern South America, and is best known for its vast oil reserves; However, its geographical position makes it a great destination for adventurers, and the latter, is the motivation that every day develops Ayapaina Tours, from Venezuela to the world.

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